1. sabena x aamir

    29 Nov 2017
    i’ve never been too keen shooting engagement shoots - considering the weight they need to carry and my (at the time) loose attachment to shooting photography professionally, i kept a distance from ruining people’s memories with less than adequate results. not to say that i don’t like these photos, but…

  2. urooj’s shaadi

    29 Nov 2017
    well how about that! a wedding! urooj’s wedding! we had fun here! you guys remember this wedding, right? it was ages ago! before i was a wedding photographe- look i just like to show up and take photos i’m not a wedding photographer imagine hiring me and all you got…

  3. namaslay series four

    29 Nov 2017
    this was a tough shoot to put together - a lot of hiccups like outfit availability, location scouting, conceptual development, and poor weather conditions made us have to work tremendously quick on our feet and, yeah, no, it was almost a disaster. but hey it wasn’t! we got it done,…

  4. @mariaalia x @farfetch

    29 Nov 2017
    part of an editorial for @farfetch for finding the perfect eid outfit featuring @mariaalia. she called these “flowy statement trousers” which is my new term for “pajamas.” we started the shoot with a ice cream cone to match her outfit; as you can see with the lack of ice cream…

  5. holi at the kothari’s

    10 May 2017
    both an invitation to experience my first holi and an offer to capture the essence of the event - and to witness a community coming together in celebration and joyous kinship. granted, it’s been over a year and my camera still looks like it’s been through vigorous episodes of rainbow…

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