1. @herkitab at @milly

    05 Dec 2017
    shooting with @herkitab at the @milly store in soho, which has a great set up in the front of the store with neon light panels and planted / floral filled arches.  this shoot was more focused on playfulness than anything planned or conceptually significant; more of a way for myself,…

  2. meeting afshan

    30 Nov 2017
    i met afshan during ramadan last year (2016), and she was that pouty, annoyed, “dont talk to me” kind of teenager that scowled at me any time i asked her a question. her sister, nazeela, and i spent some actual time over the course of the following eleven months sans…

  3. boufyy’s only pants

    30 Nov 2017
    outfit one: out for a picnic, during the early morning right on the onset of spring, proceeded by a brisk walk along the promenade with all manners of boats and seafaring activities. a crisp white shirt, sun hat, mustard pants.  outfit two: gypsy chic. for new york city, when you…

  4. sabena x aamir

    29 Nov 2017
    i’ve never been too keen shooting engagement shoots - considering the weight they need to carry and my (at the time) loose attachment to shooting photography professionally, i kept a distance from ruining people’s memories with less than adequate results. not to say that i don’t like these photos, but…

  5. urooj’s shaadi

    29 Nov 2017
    well how about that! a wedding! urooj’s wedding! we had fun here! you guys remember this wedding, right? it was ages ago! before i was a wedding photographe- look i just like to show up and take photos i’m not a wedding photographer imagine hiring me and all you got…

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