1. #yousuckatdating

    2020-07-25 22:00:32 UTC
    Dating in the Muslim world is disastrous. There’s seldom a dependable source of information about dating habits and culture as our generation boasts an abundance of issues causing insecurity, ego, tension, misunderstanding, and selfishness. Our issues are made exponentially worse with the pressure of feeling that we can’t openly talk…

  2. New York Comic-Con 2019

    2020-04-18 03:03:59 UTC
    New York Comic-Con came to another close - a full weekend of unadulterated fandom, best exemplified through the cosplayers who spend weeks (sometimes months) hand-crafting costumes to completely transform into their favorite characters. Cons are mixes of tens of thousands of cosplayers of different genders, races, ages, religious creeds, sexual…


    2020-04-18 01:56:06 UTC
    STAINED NYC x BLND NYC A shoot to introduce two new makeup artist companies based out of the NJ/NY area. The following photos are my contributions to the shoot, with additional involved photographers linked below.  Full team: Make-Up Artists: Shaza Rizvi, STAINED NYC and Dhara Bee, BLND NYC Photographers: @milesfrom,…

  4. SESSIONS Music Festival

    2020-04-16 20:12:25 UTC
    Rhea Raj The “SESSIONS” Music Festival, a full day South Asian Music Festival event presented by PopShift. Coverage of the event featured performances by: Mickey Singh, The PropheC, Raaginder, Khanvict, Shishi, Upsidedown, Sanjoy, Happy Singh, Rhea Raj, Samica, The Mxxnlight, Anjali Taneja, Peter Madana, Horsepowar and even more on top.…

  5. Editorial: Deja Futur

    2020-02-07 23:28:00 UTC
    Deja Futur - the feeling that the future is already here. But, since it feels too familiar, it leaves us unimpressed. It’s anticipating technological developments with lukewarm boredom as they don’t advance us far enough. It’s viewing the present in an anachronistic manner. It’s diminishing the potential of technology as…

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