1. Editorial: Deja Futur

    07 Feb 2020
    deja futur - the feeling that the future is already here. but, it feels too familiar, and it leaves us unimpressed. it’s treating advancements with boredom when they don’t advance us far enough. it’s viewing the present in an anachronistic manner. it’s diminishing the potential of technology as a showcase…

  2. Starting Film Photography

    05 Feb 2020
    Around 2010, I started taking film photography more seriously, stealing my father’s camera from the 70s: the Olympus OM-2N. It had a fantastic set-up with a sharp lens, and seeing my developed film with naturally pronounced green hues and off focus hits provided a renewed sense of understanding with photography…

  3. January Q & A - Part Two

    31 Jan 2020
    Continuing on from the last post, here are six more questions addressed in the recent Q&A mashael (@filmbymashael), 15 minutes after we met 7. How do you direct your clients if you’re shy? This is something I am all too familiar with. I might not seem like it, but I…

  4. January Q & A - Part One

    31 Jan 2020
    Recently, I opened up my Instagram for questions regarding photography, and I was able to answer a number of important questions received. Rather than inundate Instastories with slide after slide of text, I’d like to transcribe some of my answers here, and answer a few more questions I didn’t have…

  5. desi jackie o

    23 Apr 2019
    afshan, aka @lifesforliving, set up a photoshoot inspired by jackie o’s iconic photos across new york city - portraying a simple elegance that remains vibrant and alive even today. afshan wanted to channel not just jackie o in this series, but rabindranath tagore, and give us a sense of bringing…

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