sabena x aamir

i’ve never been too keen shooting engagement shoots - considering the weight they need to carry and my (at the time) loose attachment to shooting photography professionally, i kept a distance from ruining people’s memories with less than adequate results. not to say that i don’t like these photos, but there are more experienced, properly prepared professionals who can shoot with the right intention in this setting. plus, these take time - a minimum of six hours, usually upwards of nine, not to mention a dozen hours or so of sorting and editing. it’s not easy! and it’s expensive!

well, sabena didn’t care much for any of the excuses i had to make, and we scheduled a day with every step of the way planned out as tightly as we could. the morning was dedicated to hearing about their story - they were both camp counselors who crushed on each other and sabena tricked aamir into going to cvs with him [note: sabena, i know this isn’t the most accurate retelling, but it’s better if you tell the story instead of me] and the following year aamir confessed he had been wanting to ask her out the whole time following their cvs trip [note: aamir, this is sabena’s version of the truth even though you told me this isn’t the case at all]. 

but what a day! we saw a rainbow. also more than a dozen tourists stopped sabena to shoot a selfie with her, or just to capture the “girl in the india dress” which, in hindsight, what the hell? but no, everyone was lovely, it was a lovely day, and both sabena and aamir got me much more open to the idea of shooting engagements considering how relaxed and gracious they were throughout the day. 

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