@herkitab at @milly

shooting with @herkitab at the @milly store in soho, which has a great set up in the front of the store with neon light panels and planted / floral filled arches.  this shoot was more focused on playfulness than anything planned or conceptually significant; more of a way for myself, @kap.9 (who found the store), and @whatabdulwore to shoot and point things out to each other as practice. 

who’s @herkitab? you got a whole lot of music to scope out on her youtube. we linked for the first time in person as a product of her lending her talents on december redial (also linked below), working with @amaadbhatti to put vocals together with @bromar__ on a nusrat fateh ali khan cover (would it be called cover with the way we did it?). took less than ten seconds upon meeting for the cameras to start flashing lights. and look at that coat! we didn’t buy the coat. but look at it!

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