boufyy’s only pants

outfit one: out for a picnic, during the early morning right on the onset of spring, proceeded by a brisk walk along the promenade with all manners of boats and seafaring activities. a crisp white shirt, sun hat, mustard pants. 

outfit two: gypsy chic. for new york city, when you feel like hanging out a bit, creeping up on them suddenly, shouting ill-fitted omens of doom into their faces, then slinking away down an alleyway with a tambourine and an exotic primate pet with a whimsical name like “Alaska” in tow. but, you know, also looking great. shoulder-crop top [note: boufyy, what do you call this?], shoulder bob with a bow, and, yes, mustard pants.

outfit three: date night on broadway, mustard pants. traveling down to a hot new 1920s themed bar mustard pants that calls back to the days where there was less inhibition about upscale lifestyles mustard pants. a combination of mustard pants art deco style hotels, jazz bands, cigarettes, mustard pants, and live theater where the entire cast is wearing mustard pants. complete with leather jacket, a loose tank, and heels. and mustard pants.

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