New York Comic-Con 2019

New York Comic-Con came to another close - a full weekend of unadulterated fandom, best exemplified through the cosplayers who spend weeks (sometimes months) hand-crafting costumes to completely transform into their favorite characters. Cons are mixes of tens of thousands of cosplayers of different genders, races, ages, religious creeds, sexual orientations, and body types coming together to celebrate one another’s innate passion for fandom - and, best of all, they all show up without any semblance of judgment towards one another. It’s a weekend filled with kindred spirits, admiring the choices we each make to represent ourselves, even when another cosplayer takes a completely different direction with the same character. Different people, different outfits, same commitment, same opportunity for choice. Someone make this happen every weekend. Check out more photos featured on Bored Panda


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