namaslay series four

this was a tough shoot to put together - a lot of hiccups like outfit availability, location scouting, conceptual development, and poor weather conditions made us have to work tremendously quick on our feet and, yeah, no, it was almost a disaster. but hey it wasn’t! we got it done, also i’m pretty sure boufyy almost died from freezing, but her and the rest of the girls were looking and acting like warriors. 

the theme for series four involved using the models to represent abstract snapshots of the past, present, and future. when we think about progress, it’s a mistake to envision an idealized future where everything is simply fixed once we correct our behaviors; instead, progress is an iterative process of constant reflection and analysis. the past is both a nostalgic trap for our once simpler lives, free from constant stress and self-awareness, and an appreciation for those who built the social, political, and technical infrastructures that make our lives easier and more enriching. 

the present is an empty canvas, providing too many options for action. our actions have unpredictable results, with effects lasting anywhere between marginal or permanent. the present isn’t just about making the best decision, but being given the freedom to make a choice at all - determined by unadulterated spontaneity or tremendous care and consideration. 

our future is a consistency of infinite shapes, staring back at us in anticipation, wondering how to solidify. we grow older and wiser, and the spectrum of infinity starts to feel narrower, but with more clarity. a future is not about our ideal form, but how we develop the privilege to see with improved focus. 

the ebb and flow of all three lend back to progress. understanding, action, and formation. an obvious, but rarely conscious aspect of our reflection and an integral provision for strategizing progress for the future. 

the namaslay team:

models: @boufyy, @richakal, @themonoclemuse

photographers: @milesfrom, @saunakspace, @yeahokayali

mua: @makeupbypriyanka

designers: @naeemkhannyc, @thefashionedit, @vaishalisstudio 

video: @thestreetsensei

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