@mariaalia x @farfetch

part of an editorial for @farfetch for finding the perfect eid outfit featuring @mariaalia. she called these “flowy statement trousers” which is my new term for “pajamas.” we started the shoot with a ice cream cone to match her outfit; as you can see with the lack of ice cream in any of these photos, we stepped outside with the ice cream cone in hand and maria just… dropped the ice cream on the ground. [maria - did we agree never to mention the ice cream thing? i do remember some sort of agreement we made, but i can’t recall. in any case, oops] 

this was my first proper shoot with maria, and was a blessing to work with her demeanor and professionalism in light of my constantly bringing up her ice cream failure and fancy pajama pants. we lucked out completely finding this beautiful vintage car that was quite literally the same pantone color as her outfit! just sitting there! an eid miracle! alhamdulillah.

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