ever go to a wedding? that lasts 27 days? across the country? back and forth? no, you haven’t, because that’s preposterous. it couldn’t happen for real, would it? 

well, a lot of us do love hamza and natasha, so after 27 days, some strange amalgamation of a wedding came to an end. how many hours of dancing feels sufficient for a wedding that isn’t hyperbole, five hours? this was about eighteen. how many packets of supari were handed out? just north of eight thousand. how many times did we listen to malhari? seventeen. i know that one doesn’t sound so bad, but turn on malhari seventeen times, and let me know how you feel after the sixth. 

of course, in the end, it was worth it - an elongated procession of wedding events for a couple who deserves a month long celebration. we poke fun at the wedding because we can, but we showed up to all the events willingly because hamza and natasha would’ve celebrated a full year for any of us.

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