babbu x bakwaas jackets

you have to hand it to babbu. i’ve seen the amount of dedication and commitment she puts both into her artistic endeavors and unique brand - she’s always held this constancy of modernizing traditional south asian artwork into a style that has become so definitive, it took no time for copycats and cheap replicas to pop up. 

first of all, y’all copy babbu but your shit is weak as hell, second, try and copy these super saiyan bakwaas jackets. babbu stepped up the amount of detail and artistry that went into each of these custom designs, with more coverage, more attitude, and more aunties with sunglasses. how many are on this one? two? three?? HOLY SHIT FOUR? yes, four aunties! get four auntie denim jacket today! available at babbu’s dukaan

we didn’t shoot this one [hint], but peek at the main hoon nah jacket - an exceptional piece that [hint] could use [hint hint] a full shoot on [hint hint hint] it’s [hint] own [hint hint babbu hmu]. if not for the fact that it says ladoos on the back but because she incorporated the MADE IN series with some face makeup. love ya bubs 

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