1. @herkitab at @milly

    Date 05 Dec 2017
    shooting with @herkitab at the @milly store in soho, which has a great set up in the front of the store with neon light panels and planted / floral filled arches.  this shoot was more focused on playfulness than anything planned or conceptually significant; more of a way for myself, @kap.9…

  2. babbu x bakwaas jackets

    Date 30 Nov 2017
    you have to hand it to babbu. i’ve seen the amount of dedication and commitment she puts both into her artistic endeavors and unique brand - she’s always held this constancy of modernizing traditional south asian artwork into a style that has become so definitive, it took no time for copycats…

  3. meeting afshan

    Date 30 Nov 2017
    i met afshan during ramadan last year (2016), and she was that pouty, annoyed, “dont talk to me” kind of teenager that scowled at me any time i asked her a question. her sister, nazeela, and i spent some actual time over the course of the following eleven months sans…

  4. boufyy’s only pants

    Date 30 Nov 2017
    outfit one: out for a picnic, during the early morning right on the onset of spring, proceeded by a brisk walk along the promenade with all manners of boats and seafaring activities. a crisp white shirt, sun hat, mustard pants.  outfit two: gypsy chic. for new york city, when you feel…

  5. sabena x aamir

    Date 29 Nov 2017
    i’ve never been too keen shooting engagement shoots - considering the weight they need to carry and my (at the time) loose attachment to shooting photography professionally, i kept a distance from ruining people’s memories with less than adequate results. not to say that i don’t like these photos, but there…

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